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Hot Springs, AR


Hi There! I’m Jen—a Hot Springs, Arkansas native with a background in psychotherapy and I am a firm believer that building something great from nothing is absolutely obtainable and beyond worth it. My entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by my deep passion for relational living instilled in me by both my parents and grandparents (also of Hot Springs) and my time as a military spouse. My love for this city and craft beer runs down deep within my roots and drives me to celebrate them together with you! While traveling and tasting amazing craft beer, I learned much about the passion, art, and science these skilled brewers pour into each bottle. To say the least, it captivated me to the point of savoring every splendid flavorful experience and memory. Now, It’s official! I am a beer geek excited to collectively share amazing craft beer and beer education by serving my hometown community as your craft beer Bottle-Shop Shrink. I don’t claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned along the way with you.

Jen Schalow, Bottle Shop Shrink & Owner of CBC Hot  Springs


After a decade in the U.S. Army, and then studying Biblical Theology and Relational Evangelism at Liberty University, I discovered the very core of my DNA—serving and loving people, especially in the community in which I live and love. Since I already love good food, great beer, and awesome people, opening a Craft Beer Cellar made perfect sense. I love the experience, memories, and relationships that revolve around enjoying great beer together, as well as the industry and people intertwined within the craft beer culture.

Justin Schalow, Chief Beer Geek & Owner of CBC Hot  Springs


Our mission at Craft Beer Cellar is to bring amazing craft beer, education, and outstanding hospitality to Hot Springs area, in order to grow a unique beer culture of togetherness that celebrates beer with passion that is irresistibly contagious! We advocate for skilled breweries that are working diligently and enthusiastically to bring us great tasting and high quality beer. When you come by Craft Beer Cellar, Hot Springs you will find a passionate group of people with a colorful blend of stories and wisdom committed to providing amazing beer, education and hospitality!